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Graduate Student: Cell Biology and Physiology (2017-2023)


Education: University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX- BS in Biochemistry, 2017

Research: I am interested in understanding how spatiotemporal regulation of VEGFR1 modulates sprouting angiogenesis. Currently, I am working to understand the trafficking machinery involved in soluble VEGFR1 secretion and determining whether soluble VEGFR1 secretion is polarized in endothelial cells.


Wang, R., Lee, M., Kinghorn, K., Hughes, T., Chuckaree, I., Pantano, P., Draper, R. (2018). Quantitation of cell-associated carbon nanotubes: selective binding and accumulation of carboxylated carbon nanotubes by macrophages. Nanotoxicology.

Immunofluorescence image of a human endothelial cell expressing tagged-soluble VEGFR1 (green), and additionally stained for actin (red), PECAM(dark blue), and the nucleus(light blue)



AHA Predoctoral Fellowship July 2020-2022

Past IVB T32 Training Grant July 2019-2020