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Cell Cycle and Vascular Heterogeneity

We utilize a fluorescent PIP-FUCCI cell cycle reporter to study how the cell cycle regulates angiogenesis in 3D models and zebrafish.

The Nucleus and Centrosome in Endothelial Junctions and Polarity

We study how the centrosome and the nucleus function during endothelial cell sprouting and vascular remodeling. We investigate how these organelles regulate cell-cell junctions, cell-ECM junctions, cell polarity, mechanotransduction, and cell migration to affect angiogenesis.


BMP Signaling and Blood Flow

We investigate how blood flow induced vascular remodeling changes endothelial cell shape and function with focus on mechanisms underlying flow-mediated BMP signaling and disease.


Regulation of VEGF Signaling

We study how intracellular trafficking and secretion of VEGF receptors is regulated, and how this modulates sprouting angiogenesis. We utilize biochemical, genetic, and microscopy techniques in 2D and 3D cell culture as well as in mouse and zebrafish models.


Endothelial Cell Heterogeneity

We are interested in endothelial cell heterogeneity changes under flow. We apply single cell RNA-sequencing to determine EC changes at both the transcriptome level and individual gene level.


BMP Signaling in Development

We investigate regulation of the BMP signaling pathway during developmental angiogenesis. To do this, we use in vitro human endothelial cell lines and in vivo mouse models.