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Graduate Student: Cell Biology and Physiology (2016-present)


Education: Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA – BA in Cell and Molecular Biology

Research: I am interested in how the nucleus and centrosome regulate cell polarity and cell-cell contacts during angiogenesis. Specifically, my project focuses on the roles of nuclear envelope proteins in endothelial cell function.


Buglak DB, Kushner EJ, Marvin AP, Davis KL, Bautch VL. (2020) Excess centrosomes disrupt vascular lumenization and endothelial cell adherens junctions. Angiogenesis. 2020 Nov;23(4), 567–575.


HUVEC with decreased SUN1, stained with DAPI (nucleus, blue) and VE-cadherin (cell junctions, white). Image obtained using Olympus FV3000 confocal microscope.

Ruter DL, Liu Z, Ngo KM, X S, Marvin A, Buglak DB, Kidder EJ, Bautch VL (2021). SMAD6 Integrates Endothelial Cell Homeostatic Flow Responses Downstream of Notch. Angiogenesis. 2021 May;24(2):387-398.


AHA Predoctoral Fellowship 2019-

Past IVB T32 training grant 2017-2019