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Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact Info: kevinmou [at]


University of California, Los Angeles – PhD, 2011
University of California, San Diego – BS, 2001


My work focuses on how individual EC within the developing
vasculature resolve multiple simultaneously acting angiogenic stimuli.
At the single-cell level, thresholds of responsiveness to angiogenic
signaling generate heterogeneity along the length of a vessel which is
essential to the proper patterning and function of the vasculature.
Notch and BMP signaling are increasingly gaining attention as
important, context-dependent regulators of angiogenesis. I am trying
to build on recent work in the Bautch lab that revealed BMPs to be
potently pro-angiogenic in the venous vasculature of developing
zebrafish embryos. More recently, we discovered that Notch signaling
may strongly influence the magnitude of a cell’s response to
pro-angiogenic BMP signaling, thereby regulating which cells in a
growing vessel will assume BMP-dependent morphologies. Finally, I am
currently using molecular, cellular, and genetic techniques to
elucidate the molecular mechanism underlying Notch-dependent regulation
of BMP-responsiveness at the single-cell level in vitro and in vivo.


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