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Josh picturePost Doctoral Fellow

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University of Maine, Orono, ME – Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, 2013
Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH – B.S. in Biotechnology, 2009

Research: Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 (VEGFR1) is a high-affinity receptor for the pro-angiogenic cytokine vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A). Genetic ablation of VEGFR1 in mice results in embryonic lethality by day 8.5 of gestation with stark morphological aberrancies in the vasculature. Differential RNA processing of VEGFR1 gives rise to a full-length transmembrane receptor with weak tyrosine kinase activity and a secreted splice variant that lacks tyrosine kinase and transmembrane domains. Secreted VEGFR1 has been shown to regulate blood vessel sprouting (angiogenesis) by fine-tuning the concentration of VEGF-A in the extracellular environment. Proper sorting and spatial distribution of proteins is required for normal cell function. The broad focus of my research is to study intracellular mechanisms regulating the sorting, trafficking and spatial distribution of VEGFR1 isoforms in endothelial cells within the context of nascent blood vessel sprouting. I am interested in understanding whether VEGFR1 trafficking is polarized and the effects on angiogenesis when VEGFR1 is mis-localized. This research will provide mechanistic insight into the physiological regulation of angiogenesis and potentially a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of tumor angiogenesis.


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